Parcel Guidelines

Size & Weight

Parcels delivered to or dropped-off at a HUBBED location must meet our parcel weight and size conditions. 

Maximum size is 120cm cubic dimensions (adding together the length, width and height). Which is about the size limit of airline carry-on luggage. Maximum weight is 10kg.


Packaging Do's & Don'ts

If you are sending to or dropping off a parcel at a HUBBED location,  it’s your responsibility as the sender to ensure parcels are packaged appropriately.  There should be enough cushioning to prevent damage to the item, and the people and equipment handling it.

All parcels should be able to withstand a drop of about 1 metre to prevent potential damage.

Below are some packaging tips:

  • Use an undamaged box or satchel
  • Seal your parcel with packaging tape
  • Affix a shipping label to the parcel and ensure the label is clearly visible and not damaged
  • Select a box or satchel of appropriate size and shape. Do not overfill your parcel
  • Remove all shipping labels if you are re-using an old box or satchel
  • Wrap fragile items in paper for added safety 
  • Bubble wrap fragile items
  • Ensure label barcode is visible

Prohibited & Dangerous Goods

HUBBED will not accept any dangerous goods through our network.

“Dangerous Goods” means any goods deemed of a dangerous or hazardous nature including but not limited to Goods which are or may become dangerous, inflammable, explosive, volatile or offensive (including radioactive materials) or Goods which are or may become liable to damage or injure any property or persons, whether you were aware of the dangerous or hazardous nature of the Goods or not, and includes, without limitation, goods forbidden, limited or restricted from time to time by:

(a)           the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”);
(b)           the International Civil Aviation Organisation;
(c)            the Civil Aviation Safety Authority;
(d)           the Australian Dangerous Goods Code; or
(e)           any applicable law, regulation, guideline or requirement of a regulatory body or government of a country or territory from which,                    through which or into which the Goods are carried.

Each parcel has a disclaimer declaring that you are not shipping any dangerous goods.

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